My name is Jenni, I am a Reiki Master and Psychospiritual Coach. I specialise in the alchemy of mind, body and soul to help you feel peaceful, joyful, purposeful and empowered. I am really thrilled you have found your way to my website and i am so looking forward to our work together. If you want to find out more about me, you can on my about me page.

I work with many different kinds of tools, most learnt in an academic setting, all intutively grown and some still in the making! When we work together, our sessions focus 100% on you. There is a formula for the work we do, but if i feel called to help you reach further into your development through a ‘something else’, i will tell you and help you do so.

My own divine soul purpose is dedicated to serving people, just like you, to embrace all you are as a divine and powerful person and to help you create unapologetic authenticity in the way you transition out of your shell into your vibrancy.

Every single one of us has had to go through this journey of finding ourselves. For some, they will be perfectly content to live their lives the way that they always have; but for some, perhaps for most we can start to, perhaps as early as our early teens feel the itch of uncertainty, the pull from deep within us for something greater, more liberating, more joyful, passionate, more wild, more… true.

Do not be fearful of this moment in your life. It is the time for great awakening emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually. Yes it caan feel challenging, yes it will make you question what the hell you are doing (believe me i know!) as you see your old life fall away behind you; but, the result is that you will live you life knowing you rest in the most bountiful grace, love and support from the divine that surround you and is within you always. The divine light that is within you… let is rise up and consume you, this is your divine birthright. It’s yours – will you take it?

Both Diana and our son Jon still struggle daily with the loss of Julian and Micah, as do we his grandparents. So you being able to confirm that they were well and present was comforting beyond words.

That you took precious time and energy to assist complete strangers, is a gift beyond measure that can never be repayed

Distance-Reiki, USA

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