This sacred space… for you

‘Allow yourself the opportunity to re-centre, reconnect. Allow yourself to ground down into the sacred universe and through all of the magick that exists within your being. Each step on this journey will bring you closer to Source and to yourself – never fail to move forward – as the future is bright and exciting, cast your fears away and take the first step’¬†

Thank you so much for joining me here on this blog. I decided to start writing again after a fresh move to Madrid from London and realising that speaking to my passions is what keep my soul alive so I am going to share these passions with you – and it may just bring some light to your life too (well i hope so)!

I have been a career coach for over 10 years and what I realise, alongside my own journey into my new spiritual living is that the first step and every other step that follows belongs to you. We have our people who walk alongside us, but the direction, the pace, the journey starts and end with us.

I am an eclectic witch, a Reiki practitioner, tarot reader and intuitive healer and spirit worker. This has become my soul work and something that i want to speak about in this blog Рcoupled with coaching expertise, i hope that this sacred space that looks at the magick of the universe and ourselves will help inspire something not just in me, but in you too.

Blessed be

Jenni x


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