Manifesting the shit out of life

Whether you’re new to spirituality or you’re an older timer then you may have run into the word ‘manifesting’ one or a thousand times…. but what is it exactly? For me…

Manifesting is the process of speaking, acting, doing, believing and being all that you wish to be for yourself and delivering that voice out into the universe’

The world that we live in is made up of energy. Energy that vibrates at different frequencies – for example, light and sound vibrate at such a frequency you cannot see them, but for us, we vibrate at such a slow frequency you can see, touch and feel us. No matter what we see, feel, touch, speak or do – we are altering the energy around us; the more positive we are the higher we vibrate energetically, the more negative, the lower we vibrate. Imagine you go and visit a couple that you know and 2 minutes before you arrive they have had a huge argument – on the way home you may be thinking wow, what weird energy around them, did you feel the energy in that house, you could have cut the tension like a knife’ – that is energy radiating off both people towards each other and around you. So whatever you do in your life it is affecting the energy around you. It is why manifesting is so important – as you are speaking intentions out into the universe – literally changing the energy around you.

Here are some starter points on manifesting:

  • manifesting starts and ends with you – you are the voice of what you create into existence. By issuing wishes out into the universe, you are saying ‘yes, this is what i want for myself’
  • manifesting is an internal and external voice that we speak to ourselves every day
  • it is a way of bringing abundance into our lives by speaking and doing all that we can to ensure our lives are aligned with our true purpose
  • all it starts with is ‘speaking’ out into the universe all that you wish for yourself
  • although it starts with you and manifestation is selfish in the fact that you are its true centre – true manifestation is for the good for those around you too
  • we speak these manifestations out into our universe – this is the key bit! By speaking your words, thinking your thoughts, delivering your actions out into the universe you are telling the universe around you – yes, this is what i want and i’m not shy to ask for it
  • for me as a witch, manifestations are vital as the way we chose to speak can have implications on what is delivered back to us – if you have limiting belief patterns on yourself and what you believe will come into your life then you will only attract what you believe you can have
  •  manifesting can be done solo, in partnerships, groups or whatever you like – it is a way of aligning common goals, values, beliefs and intentions with those around you
  • You can never do enough manifesting!!

So how do you manifest?

Well it’s simple….

  1. Write down a list of all that you want for yourself at this current moment – whether it’s for love, your life, work, children, the universe, purpose, whatever… write it down
  2. For me this is important – then write down a list of the things that are going to hold you back – money, fear, anxiety, not feeling good enough, judgement, location etc etc
  3. That second list – rip it up. That is a list of all the things that you need to rid yourself of – limiting thoughts and feelings. I actually read them all out loud, then burn it saying ‘i release you to the universe, you will not stay with me’
  4. Now the important bit – read those manifestations out loud and say to yourself and speak out into the universe, ‘this is what i want for my life – it shall be so’

Now this is the important bit – manifesting is amazing and life changing but you can’t become a yoga teacher and live a life travelling around the world teaching yoga without a certificate so some elements of being practical are essential here!

  • It’s important to look at that end goal and think about the following things
    • when do i want this to happen?
    • what do i need to do to get here?
    • what resources do i need?
    • what training do i need?
    • what else….
  • Now that you have these answered – this is the time to make a plan… make a timeline and work out how you are going to get there. The universe is a beautiful, energetic, miraculous thing but it also takes a lot from us – this is why i say at the beginning, this creativity starts with you

The real key to manifesting is to put some soul into it. Manifesting needs to be something that is going to light every fire in your body. It’s something to speak to every day and realise that you are working towards something that is going to manifest and set your world on fire.

 Here is a blog on manifesting love and how you can create your own love spell.  

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  2. […] a read of my blog ‘manifesting the shit out of life’ for a more in-depth look at manifesting but in short – the world is made up of energy […]


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