Get inspired every month!

Good morning! I was inspired to write this after a good friend of mine Giselle from @ProjectAnja wrote on her IG stories yesterday about what was going on astrologically this week. It’s a complete clusterfuck of energy – with a retrograde in full swing, the end of the zodiac year, spring equinox (Ostara), start of a new zodiac year and a super worm moon/full moon in Libra! However….

I want to talk today about how you can take the principle of realigning your purpose every month, such as with astrology and get inspired by your life purpose week after week.

What does astrology teach us?

Astrology is an ancient practise of understanding the correlation of planetary positions and the subsequent impact on human behaviour. Cafe Astrology says ‘ the study of the correlation between the astronomical positions of the planets and events on earth. Astrologers believe that the positions of the Sun, Moon, and planets at the time of a person’s birth have a direct influence on that person’s character’ Depending on when you were born, every month different plants move into focus, therefore having a greater or lesser effect on us depending on our birth charts in relation to that planetary movement.

For me personally, each month i look at the planets that are in focus and understand how that planetary position will affect my month and then use that energy to manifest different things in my life. This is what i want you to do… every month, whether you follow astrology or not!


Have a read of my blog ‘manifesting the shit out of life’ for a more in-depth look at manifesting but in short – the world is made up of energy vibrating at higher or lower frequencies. If you follow this concept – we have a direct link to the universe, to the energy around us. If we vibrate at a higher frequency (through positive thoughts, actions and deeds), we in turn receive a higher frequency back to us.

Manifesting links this in a beautiful way – not only are we speaking into existance what we want to happen in our lives, what we want to receive, what we want our life’s focus to be – we can project that positive energy out into the universe and receive it because the universe is hell bent on getting that energy back to us! When we speak out loud thoughts, we are not only letting the universe know what we want, but also psychologically, we are letting ourselves know that this is true, this is valid, this is what i want – and so it shall be. Remember that the universe has a funny way of getting us to what we want (she has a great sense of humour sometimes) but what is for us, will always come to us.

Thinking of your life’s purpose

I will write more about this soon but i’ve created a short workbook in the mean time to help you explore some of this in a quick and easy way.

To start thinking about what it is that you want from your life, the best idea is to think back, then to your present and then to your future. This helps you to get a birds-eye view of your life to date and helps you project forward.

So here goes

Past – let’s think back 5 years ago…. 2014

What were you doing? Where did you live? What was your career like? What was your relationship status? How were your finances? What was your state of mind?

Present – 2019

What are you doing? Where do you live? What are you doing for work/are you at work? What is your relationship status? How are your finances? What is your state of mind?

What has it taken you to get to where you are?

I love this part of the exercise. So much can change in a year – i think about where i was even last year and i couldn’t even imagine that i would be living in Madrid, with two fur babies and a lovely bf, having started my own business!

It has taken guts, ambition, love, hard-work, heartache, pain, support, drive, purpose and faith to get me to where i am right now…. what about you?

Future – let’s think 5 years in the future, 2024

What are you doing? Where do you live? What are you doing for work/are you at work? What is your relationship status? How are your finances? What is your state of mind?

This right here is your inspiration for manifestation. You also have in your mind exactly what you are capable of. Have a look back to 5 years ago and where you are now. So much has changed i bet – why would it not be different in 5 more years?

Each month

Take the last few days of each month you are going to manifest the future you want.

You need – 2 pieces of paper, a pen and a bin (candles and fire optional!)

  1. Write on one sheet of paper down what you want to manifest this month in order to get you closer to your 5 year plan
  2. On the other piece of paper write down all of the things that you are fearful or doubtful of – i’m going to fail, i’m going to look stupid, i’m too old, i’m too young, i’m never going to get there, i don’t have enough money, i don’t have… i am….
  3. Now…. rip up the piece of paper with your doubts and fears. This information is NOT going to help you. This is a physical, mental and spiritual release of those doubts, fear and anxieties. They do NOT serve you… release them into the universe. I personally love a bit of fire action so i actually burn mine and say ‘i release you, you don’t serve me’
  4. Now you have your piece of paper with what you want to manifest. What you need to do now is SPEAK this information out loud. You are letting the universe and yourself know exactly what you want. By speaking this out loud you are making a contract with yourself about your manifestation practice – this will be so.

Never doubt the power of mental and physical actions when it comes to manifesting the future you want – each month you deserve to be inspired by yourself. When you have a clearer idea of what you want it becomes a whole lot easier!

Please do use my free workbook to help you – you can contact me directly and i will whizz it over.

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