Raise your self-worth

Over the last few weeks i’ve been super sick. Tired, a horrible cough, no energy and sick to my stomach. This week – i’m back in the game. What changed?

Well… I can’t boast a miracle cure because i don’t take medicine, I can’t boast to just sleeping it off, although rest and quiet time certainly helped. What i can tell you though, is that i came back to myself this week and it has allowed me to in the space of 4 days to completely shift my illness and has given me a whole new burst of energy!

What’s the key then?


Ok let’s break this down.

When we allow our low feelings of self-worth to overshadow our feelings of worthiness then we enable the universe around us to say – hey ok, she doesn’t really want the thing that she says she wants, so she’s never gonna get it because she is not aligned to her vision. To reiterate – not because the universe doesn’t want us to have it, but because of we are saying to ourselves, or allowing our inner critic, subconcious unhealed selves to speak over what we know to be true.

Key learning points when we are little happen between the ages of 0 and 7. During these ages, children are taught about their identity, societal constructs and belief patterns which, by the age of 10 children form a complete view of themselves… but entirely fabricated from the view point of other people. It’s why i spend so long with clients working on identity – because very often we are still formed later on in our lives from the constructs built within us from when we were young!

Anyway – so when we think of a life that we want, a job, relationship, material possession etc – we go fully into that want and make a list free from restrictions around us. Simple.

But then what happens…. those subconcious messages from our upbringing come in and say – ummmm i don’t think so, don’t you think you’ll look stupid, you could never afford that, you think they’d want to be with you!?! So then what happens? We fall back into society accepted constructs of other people’s existances.

And this ladies is why you get colds and flu’s and illnesses and feel shitty and tired and exhausted all the damn time. You feel angry and frustrated and get pissed off by the smallest thing. You go to bed exhausted but you never sleep, you keep taking the easy route in jobs, relationships and situations… because you are not living your best life, fully present within yourself, motivated by the self-worth that you know you are entitled to. It is also why the universe does not provide you with – the right job, the right partner, the right occassion, the right material possession. Because you have stopped looking for what you want and deserve and instead are living someone else’s version.

So what can you do?

  • First off, as Lacey says from To Be Magnetic – do not be the victim of your life! Your life is not happening to you – you are fully in control, present and able to have any life you choose
  • Get specific about what it is that you want from you life. BE.SPECIFIC. BE SENSIBLE. BE REALISTIC.
  • Understand why you want the things that you do and get that ego out of the picture
  • Dig deep into why you do not feel that you deserve all that you could have in your life? Who told you that? Why did they tell you that? What were you taught when you were little about yourself? What do you believe that society is going to think about what you are doing?
  • Let that shit go!

Self-worth, self-love, self-care, manifesting etc has all become a bit wishy washy recently – it’s become an opportunity for people to talk shit about your body without even knowing. It’s an opportunity for people to engage with you about things that you think will give you a quick fix but won’t get to the root of what is bugging you. It has become a superficial exercise in buying more things, spending more money and merely scratching the surface of your existance.

So when i say dig deep – i mean it. Sit with the thought – close your eyes and allow yourself to go back to when that person or that situation happened to make you believe that you are less than you are. Now ask yourself – DOES THIS SERVE ME NOW?

If it doesn’t – it needs to be let go of. You can’t let go of things if you don’t know what’s there. If you have negative behavioural patterns there is a reason for that. If you’re moody and tired and exhausted there is a reason for it. You need to work it out in order for you to build the life that you deserve and that you have always wanted.

If you would like a session with me to dig deeper on this – please contact me x

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