Friday the 13th! The good, the bad and the divine

 “Before patriarchal times, Friday the 13th was considered the day of the Goddess. It was considered a day to worship the Divine Feminine that lives in us all and to honor the cycles of creation and death and rebirth.”

Tanaaz Chubb, Forever Conciousness

Why is Friday the 13th such a good day for the divine feminine?

Today is Friday 13th – now before everyone loses their shit proclaiming how horrendous this day is, filled to the brim with bad luck, cancelling big trips and worrying you’re going to be hit by a bus – i want to explain to you, why in fact, this day is filled to the brim with the power of the feminine and what you can do to harness this energy!

Before the introduction of Christianity, the number 13 had divine feminine connotations – the number of cycles women have in a year and the phases of the moon. It was a day to pray to the Goddess, to worship the moon and to honour the cycles of birth, death and rebirth that reside in all of us.

It is interesting then, that through the introduction of Christianity and the start of the patriarchal system that we see so readily in our society now, that Friday 13th has been tarnished to mean an unholy and negative day.

Where have we seen the 13th/Friday used negatively?

  • If there are 12 people at a table and a 13th joins it is said that there will be a death within the year – the last supper reference
  • Friday – the day that Eve gave the poisoned apple to Adam
  • The day that they were banished forever from Paradise
  • The day Adam repented, the day he died and the day he was cremated
  • The day that Jesus was killed ‘Good Friday’
  • 13 – Jesus and his 12 disciples
  • Judas is the 13th guest to arrive at the last super (who then betrays him)
  • In Ancient Norse lore – evil and turmoil were first introduced in the world by the appearance of the treacherous and mischievous god Loki at a dinner party in Valhalla. He was the 13th guest
  • Many believe that the crucifixion of Jesus happened on the 13th
  • It is said that a witches coven has 13 members
  • Ancient curses suggest if you have 13 letters in your name then you are cursed
  • etc.etc.etc

Why is the number 13 actually a really positive number?

  • Birth of Venus – 13th August
  • A witches coven has 13 members
  • It is associated with the Virgin Mary (she died on August 13th)
  • It is also said that she came to be seen on the 13th of many months over many years (stopping in the 1990s)
  • The M of Mary is the 13th letter
  • In the Jewish faith – they have 13 fundamental dogmas
  • The Aztecs had 13 skies, cycles of 52 years broken into 4 (13) and 13 day weeks in their society
  • Moon – moves 13 degrees a day and has 13 cycles
  • There were originally 13 zodiac signs
  • etc.etc.etc.

Now why is this all so significant to the divine feminine?

In ancient times, when women got their periods , they were revered and let alone in tents all together (as women’s cycles tend to sync when they are together) – these were called Red Tents – a movement that has been resurrected in the last few years. It was a time when their communities would honour the beauty and wonder of the woman and understand that at this point in a woman’s cycle – they were at their most spiritually, emotionally and physically vibrant.

In the introduction of the patriarchal actions when Christianity was born – women were soon shamed for these cycles and their sexuality . Therefore, 13 becomes a negative number alongside the weekday Friday and of course, the role of say Mary Magdalen as a reported prostitute (later dismissed by the Vatican as false). The 13th was actually a day originally dedicated to celebrating Mary at Church – and her role as creating Jesus.

It is important for us to look past the negativity and superstitious BS. It is a day in fact to place value in all that we are as womxn, to recognise the beauty of recognising the power of womxn in society and within ourselves.

You see…. a vibrant, fully awakened, sexual womxn, at peace in her body – revering her natural cycles in line with the natural cycles of the moon is a scary thing for society. Because we learn to step up and out of a society and structures that seek to hold us down.

What can we do to honour ourselves on this day?

Tanaaz goes on to say “On this day with Goddess’ energies doubled, consider the lucky blend of just the right conditions, chemistries, elements, and energies, and work your own magic.”

  • Wear some red to honour the histories of our sex
  • Practice self-love and the practice of mastibation calling on the powers of the divine feminine – when you orgasm, place yourself at the centre of that practice
  • Manifest, manifest, manifest your highest calling and power
  • Pray to the angels, to Mary Magdelene, Mother Mary, Athena or any other Goddesses that speak to you
  • Call on your feminine ancestors and call for wisdom, love and healing
  • Spend time with your womxnfolk today and honour them
  • Offer up a ritual cleansing yourself of any self-limiting beliefs you have around body shame
  • Work with rose quartz as a crystal that offers love – this may be too delicate for you if you are a strong woman so perhaps go to a crystal shop, speak to the store and explain what you need and let your inutition guide you

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