Creating energetic space to find your authenticity and purpose

Why is space so important in your life?

Physical, digital, mental, emotional and spiritual space that we live in has an incredibly powerful  impact on our lives.

Everything that we are and everything and everyone we surround ourselves with are energy. They vibrate at different speeds, so some are visible to us and some are not. However, even those you can’t see are still around us, run through us and can, if they are not positive in our life can really mess with our own energy.

It is important then to understand that my constantly filling our environment with ‘stuff’ it can get overwhelming, suffocating and you may find yourself feeling exhausted.

What areas of my life may be taking up too much space?

Every element of your life can take up energetic space. Not all of these things are ‘bad’. But all things can become ‘bad’ if we don’t create healthy boundaries in order to protect ourselves energetically.

So what exactly can take up space?

  • Work
  • Items of clothing
  • Relationships
  • Physical environment

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