Goddess Flora and Beltane

Many blessings to you and yours on the celebration of Beltane!

What is Beltane?

Beltane starts on the eve of the 30 April and is the celebration of the change of season from Spring to Summer (about mid-way between the Spring and Summer equinox). Beltane honours Life; where the energy of the universe causes Mother Earth to burst with potent fertility, sex, conception and fullness.

On Beltane, in pagan tradition there is a celebration called Handfasting; essentially a marriage between 2 beings. On this pagan celebration it is said that Goddess Flora handfasted with the Green Man, the God and on the union after the wedding Flora is impregnated. They are the great Goddess (Earth) and God (Sky) and their marriage symbolises the sacred union of all (masculine and feminine energy and the universe); and through this union, conception. The festival is about sexuality, sensuality, passion, vitality and joy. Whether this is a literal conception of child or a metaphor for what we choose to bring into our life, it is an idea that can bring fruition to our ideas, hopes and dreams for the season ahead.

Who is Goddess Flora?

Although Beltane is a Pagan festival, with roots into Gaelic and Irish traditions, the festival actually began in ancient Rome where Goddess Flora was worshipped. She is a Sabine-derived Goddess of flowers, of the season of spring and a love Goddess possessing the properties of fertility, sex and the blossom of spring and the renewal of the cycle of life. Although she was quite unknown in mythology, during the coming of the season of Spring, she was revered as the new season comes to flourish.  

Her festival ‘Floralia’ was first celebrated in 240BC and took place over 6 days from the 27 April – 3 May; it climaxed with gladiatorial games. It was a very raucous festival, involving feasting, drinking and games. Romans during the festival wore colourful clothing instead of their usual white, to imitate colourful flowers that were believed to be the result of the influence of Flora.

She was referred to by Ovid as “The goddess comes, crowned with garlands of a thousand flowers”.

So, on this day, we celebrate the coming together of old and new traditions, the sacred union of universal energies and the beauty of the flourishing and bounty of Spring and Summer.

How can we celebrate Flora during this time?

Flora is a fertility Goddess. Even though we may not be at a stage in our life where we want to/can birth a child, we can still use this Goddess to conceive all that we desire in our lives.

As we know from my previous blog – which you can find here we are at the beginning of Pluto retrograde, which is a time where we are being asked to dig deep into the underworlds of our shadow sides. It is out of this darkness that we can call in light and that is the juxtaposition of Beltane in Pluto Retrograde.

We can use this moment to do a bit of journaling to clear energetic space for all that we wish to manifest. I will write some journaling prompts below to help you!

Journaling prompts

  • Where is the darkness taking me into my shadows this season?
  • What do I need to release during this season to make way for Spring?
  • What do I want to conceive for myself this season?
  • What would my life look like if I conceived this thing?
  • What does my life look like without the shadows I am working through this season?
  • What sacred union do I need to call in this season?
  • What steps can I take today to help me conceive this life?

A prayer to Goddess Flora

Once you have journaled these points, find somewhere quiet to sit, hold the dreams, the life you want to live in your mind and pray to Flora to help you conceive all that you desire.

Dearest Goddess Flora,

I call you now during this sacred festival of Beltane

I wish you happiness, joy and prosperity and call you into my life with love

Come to me now and help me live out a birth of my dreams.

With Spring in the air, with the flowers and buds bursting forth

I too envisage my life budding and bursting forth with vitality and strength

Help me to see the steps ahead, show me your divine guidance in all that I wish to create for my life

Show me the way out of my darkest shadows and into the beautiful fragrance of my desires

I call you now to banish all that threatens to stifle my dreams

And with your help, your guidance and your grace I choose to live in the Spring of my life and conception of my wildest dreams, into the Summer of birth

Show me now all that my life is destined for

All that my dreams will equate to and show me Divine Flora how to reach this perfect union of divinity in my life

I thank you for your presence, for your guidance and your grace

For now and ever more, your divine servant


Take some time to sit with what comes up, really feel into the banishment of the darkness and breathe in all that you wish to conceive this season.

Many blessings to you all


Jenni x

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