A week of retrogrades – a tarot explanation

This week brings about 4 different retrogrades. It’s a time for us to slow down, to assess different aspects of ourselves and to find answers to some of the questions we may have been searching for.

This week, I am going to deep dive into these retrogrades using tarot. I’ll give you a brief overview of what the retrogrades mean, some tarot spreads to see what might be coming up in light of these slow periods and some journaling prompts to help you explore these in the comfort of your own home.

What is a retrograde?

Astrology.com defines retrogrades as “Astronomically, retrogrades happen as Earth is passing or being passed by other planets. Like the apparent movement of the sun through the zodiac, a planet seemingly moving backward is an illusion, as planets always revolve around the sun in the same direction. The appearance of retrograde motion occurs because of the relative difference in speed. when planets are at their closest approach to Earth that apparent retrograde motion occurs. In short, retrograde motion is an illusory side-effect of planetary proximity.”

What’s going on this week?

This week we see 3 planets going into retrograde. This is on top of Pluto being in retrograde currently. Yesterday we saw Saturn move into retrograde. This is followed by Venus going into retrograde on the 13th, then finally Jupiter just one day later on the 14th. This is a lot!

Each planet sparks themes for us to explore. In short:

Pluto: you can read the blog I wrote on Pluto retrograde here but basically it looks at what we want to let ‘die’ and what we want to rejuvenate to find our ‘Spring’

Saturn: wants us to look at our limitations, our responsibilities, our boundaries… what issues do we need to deep dive into, so that we can learn how to level up to get our shit in order. It may also be a time where we feel lower, more shy, sad, emotional – what is going on below the surface that is being called forth?

Venus: The Goddess of Love asks us to reassess our relationships both romantic and platonic. How do we want to show up for ourselves, for others – where are we giving too much, where are we choosing to not give us the love we deserve? Are our boundaries set, or are we letting others drain us?

Jupiter: this period will call you to reflect on your belief systems; religion, beliefs, spiritual practice, philosophy, your vision for life, your ideals… how do you want to show up for yourself in this period and where do you want to express growth, mentally, spiritually and emotionally?

Saturn retrograde – what do the guides say?

May10-September 28 2020

The Devil: you may feel bound to something. There is something that holds us back that feeds into our fears, worries and betrays us at every turn. What is that for you? Take a moment to read that sentence again, what is the thing that crops up in the recess of your mind? That my dear one is the thing that you need to release for this season.

Page of cups: It is only on releasing the ‘thing’ that holds us bound that we can start to see the true reflection of self emerging. But understand this, that this new self is young, Page cards are young, immature cards in some ways, so this ‘new you’ may feel unnerving – perhaps it’s why you haven’t started to deal with the Devil in your life, because this new self is too scary. But if you do not, you will never see the freedom of new beginnings, of new passions, of new versions of self. It is what all retrogrades call for us – a digging deep into our Devils, to seek the new.

Eight of cups: And now, once you have had a glimmer of the new, are you ready to step into this new life? Again, understanding and working on your Devil will not be an easy task. Shadow work never, ever is… but what it gives light to is a newfound freedom and a new life for yourself. But you must be ready to step into this life, perhaps it will call you to really examine who is in your life? Do they step up with you? Or do they keep you tied to your old way of life?

Trump card – Temperance: All Major Arcana cards talk about big picture themes in our life, so it is right that the trump card speaks to a big theme. Temperance – a time for quiet reflection. The theme of this period is introversion – literally and mentally! Life throws options at us and we can be programmed to look at the black and white of every situation. But perhaps life is a scale of grey in between those colours. Think outside the norm here loves, quiet your mind, seek solace in yourself. It is often difficult to find that quiet because our life, our minds are used to so much noise. But it is in this beauty of stillness that we can seek new belonging to ourself and our life.

Venus retrograde – what do the guides say?

May 13-June 25 2020

Eight of swords: You are bound by fear, swords hold you tight in that fear. But if you were just to open your eyes, you will see that it is all that it is. Fear. Blocking you from a release of some kind. Are you held in a relationship that causes you pain – whatever kind of relationship that may be – romantic, friendship, business? What do you need to open your eyes to? It is only through actually taking the plunge and opening our eyes to the reality of someone’s behaviour to us, or perhaps our behaviour to others that we can move away from what keeps us bound. This is an interesting card; it looks like we’re trapped. But actually, as the woman in the card shows, she is not actually stuck, she has just shut her eyes to what is in front of her and is therefore bound by her fear and her fear only.

Nine of cups: Now your eyes are open you see that your cups are full, overflowing even. You can move forward to the life that you have always wanted for yourself. By releasing your fear, by moving past your own self-inflicted limitations, you can share the joy of freedom with not just yourself but others. Yes, as I speak about above, witnessing your fear, your doubt, your worries – your shadow can be really debilitating and difficult, but through release you bring such joy and happiness to your life. You cup will be overflowing.

Nine of swords: It’s an interesting theme that is coming up here and one that we all need to learn. When we start a practice of self-analysis, when we work through our shadows (the eyes shut, fear) and see joy and abundance in front of us, we can often think that it is done, finished, no more worries. But our mind has a funny way of bringing up our karma time and time again, so that we do not keep making the same mistakes. And mistakes are something that we always stumble upon. When you are living your abundant life, it can be easy to fall back into old patterns. Perhaps for this season, it is one of repeated lessons – but lessons are as they are defined, something for us to learn from. This card reminds us to get out of our heads and to live in the reality of our life rather than the make-believe, the gloss of the imagined. Work hard on your demons and they will be released from you. Live in the land of the living, of the present… you can remove yourself from the past and the future stresses and worries and live free.

Trump card – Two of cups: The theme for this season is magnetic relationships. Through the joining of two souls, whatever that looks like for you – romantic or otherwise, a partnership that sets you alight is what is calling you this season. Take time to work through your fears, your doubts and worries, live in the moment, your present, live abundantly and let the universe guide you to the magnetism you deserve. What you choose to co-create with this soul is up to you; life will always bring you abundance if it is aligned to your soul purpose, but don’t let the illusions of life, the fears and worries hold you back from what is rightfully yours.

The lovers: Just as I was about to put the cards away a card fell out of my deck and it was The Lovers. Obviously! So let me speak to this card, which feels right as we are of course talking about Venus retrograde. This card isn’t just about romantic love. As with all things that spiritual practices teach us is to live authentically. When we do this, we create utter bliss for ourselves because we are choosing to live from the heart and not the head. It’s a common theme when working with clients for them to say – but what if, what this person said, what will they think??? But what does your heart say? Living from this place, trusting your instinct, trusting the tremors and vibrations of the knowing of your soul and another’s is a beautiful thing. Whilst it’s scary to live with our eyes open, living in fear is even worse – trust me! So, take leaps this season, open your eyes and your heart and live in love.

Jupiter retrograde – what do the guides say?

May 14-September 12 2020

Judgement: Pffffft, big cards for this season. I suppose it’s obvious with what the themes of this retrograde are about – beliefs, values, sense of self – worth… So, we start with Judgement. As with all retrogrades, this card asks us to do some serious self-analysis work! There will be little niggles in our mind during this season that will cause discomfort. Perhaps through conversations, actions, beliefs, relationship to a higher being… they may all be called into question. As with other themes from these seasons, it is an opportunity to ask yourself – does this serve me now? Let us use these moments to live in the present day, to think about what we actually need – you, not me, not your family or friends, what do YOU need right now? Where are you being called to? Again, let go of the fears, the worries and find out what is really setting your soul on fire.

Ten of coins: This card speaks to abundance – romantically or in your home life. Abundance in whatever way you breathe energy into! This is a time of questioning, understanding yourself better, understanding the people around you better – and when we do that, abundance flows. This speaks always to living authentically. The moment we start to live in our soul purpose, we bring the right kind of energy into our life – the right people, the right place, the right circumstances. Life is difficult right now for a lot of us, and digging deep into our shit isn’t comfortable at the best of times let alone right now. But in order for us to breathe lighter, to be free from what holds us bound, we need to uncover our shadows and bring some light and abundance into our life.

The Hermit: In order to do this, we need to find quiet. Quiet from everyone around us, from the chatter of our minds, of people who find those little sweet spots of unease and like to prod them. It’s time to really get to grips with who you are, what you need. As I said earlier, being quiet with ourselves can feel really uncomfortable. It’s not necessarily that natural for us in our society – there is always things to do, people to see, noise and hustle and bustle. But through finding quiet, we can start to listen to what our heart, our intuition and our soul is speaking to us. Start even with 10 minutes a day and do some journaling… and grow from there. You need to be heard!

Trump card – The Magician: I love this card, it speaks to a lot of where I was going wrong in my life before I started my spiritual journey. I sought a lot of external validation from people. What do you think??? Always, what do you think?? Rather than what do I think? Because really, we have all been brought here on this earth, in this body, at this time for a reason. It can be veeeeeery easy to follow the status quo and to indulge ourselves and others in activities, thoughts, processes, doing the ‘right thing’, with the ‘right person’, in the ‘right place’. But who made those decisions? I bet you anything you didn’t. So this season calls you to find the quiet to work out what it is that you actually want – without all the noise of everyone else. The magician shows us that all we need, all the tools we need to succeed in our lives are within us.

In summary

Retrogrades cause us to slow down, to breathe into these moments of uncertainty and doubt to really raise our vibration for ourselves. It’s such a difficult thing to face our shadows, but in doing so, we can start to live really free.

I haven’t read my cards in such a long time; it has been such a pleasure to read for you today.

Many blessings for these seasons and as ever, if you would like to book a 1-2-1 session, please contact me for info or look on my website.


Jenni x

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