What the F is the 5th Dimmension and why is everyone going on about it?

If you follow anyone whose passion is spirituality, you will probably have seen them talking about 5D energy. If you’re wondering what the F 5D energy is then have a read below. In this blog i will:

  • tell you what a dimmension is
  • tell you why 5D is so important right now
  • how the change has happened
  • how to utilise 5D in your life

So don’t panic… there will be no more FOMO after you have read this blog.

When you say Dimmension what exactly do you mean?

Dimmensions are referred to in many different ways; states of being, states of consciousness or energetic planes. A dimmension/state of consciousness is how we exist vibrationally. For example, sound, light, thoughts, feelings, souls etc are not physical things so they exist at a much higher state of vibration/energy – we can’t physically see them (usually… you can train yourself to see energy, but that’s for another time). We as physical beings are much denser energetically, which is why we are solid beings, but as with anything physical in this world – it is still energy.

There are 12 dimmensions – a brief description of these dimmensions are below. I will talk about dimmensions of the earth and dimmensions of the Self too (from a Celestial standpoint) from 1D-6D as that is a energy that i work with regularly.

  • 1st Dimmension – Awareness and Creation:

This is said to be the dimmension in which the world was created and awareness was birthed into existance.

Celestial: This is said to be the dimmension in which the Self is prioritising surving…. at the expense of everything around it. Think – power, greed, selfishness, individuality, egoism etc. This can be a positive dimmension if you need to be competitive, if you need to fight for your survival or if you have a battle to win! However, typically we do not want to remain in this consciousness.

  • 2nd Dimmension – Information:

This is the dimmension where plants and the lower animal kingdom reside based on consciousness acquired by their DNA and genetic code.

Celestial: This is the dimmension of family, relationships, tribes, clans etc. This is where we go for bonding, belonging to our group, to our people, to the people that we have always known. However, on the negative side, this is also the dimmension where there is control, dominance, guilt, manipulation, abuse and power struggles. It can be a positive experience to help us learn lessons, but again a consciousness we do not want to remain in.

  • 3rd Dimmension – Physical form:

The conscious mind of both animals and humans exist at this level. This state also marks the seperation of Self from All. This also then creates a seperation energetically to our planet, universe – meaning that we cannot connect with universal energy.

Celestial: This is the plane of reasoning, materialism, science, technology, politics etc. The positive bits about this plane are that we can fight for justice over systems that seek to dimminish us. However, this dimmension is limited because it seeks to position itself, and we are encouraged to position ourselves as the highest form of development – however, this is not the case! Again, we do not want to remain in this consciousness.

  • 4th Dimmension – Time:

Some call this the astral plane, where focus, information and form change. This is also said to be the dimmension of the subconscious mind.

Celestial: This is the dimmension of healing energy, a realm where we start purifying ourselves from the lower vibrational energy of the previous dimmensions. However, again, we do not want to rest in this dimmension as we need to learn to elevate ourselves above this ‘suffering and healing’, as they are constant….

  • 5th Dimmension – Spirit:

This allows us to enter into different timelines and reach our unconscious mind. We are connected to our Higher Self, our I AM presence and we realise once more that we are connected to ALL and we are ONE – the Self does not exist.

Celestial: This is where happiness, simplicity naturalness, creativity all exist. The universal masters unveiled their mastery at this level of consciousness. Celestial energy works mainly at this level to help elevate humanity out of their 3D and 4D existance at this time. As time evolves as per their techings, the dimmension of consciousness will elevate also.

  • 6th Dimmension – Soul:

This is the dimmension of light and the Spirit/Soul’s evolution – where all possibilities are abundant.

  • 7th Dimmension – Infinity:

It is said to be the dimmension where the Soul starts to evolve itself

Celestial: This is a symbol that is used even at 5D consciousness – the infinity symbol, looking at the way we are connected to all.

  • 8th Dimmension – Eternity

Full cosmic consciousness. Where focus, information, time, spirit, souls and all eternity is confounded into the universe – there is no seperation with any of it

  • 9th Dimmension – God

This is God Consciousness

  • 10th Dimmension – Multiverse

This is the dimmension beyond the universe and the consciousness that created it

  • 11th Dimmension – Omniverse

The dimmension of consciousness that exists from all possible multiverses

  • 12th Dimmension – Love

One at this level has reached Source Consciousness or Love Consciousness. This isn’t the love that we feel for ourselves, it is the love that penetrates all, it unites all and connects us with all that has been, all that is and all that will ever be.

Celestial: within Celestial we talk a lot about Love energy – this is a powerful symbol that is used in our practices and rituals. It is not love between two people, but love that exists from all and connects you at soul level.

Why should we care about dimmensions?

Well, they are important for many differnet reasons.

  • They allow us to recognise our power understanding that we have all of these endless possibilities inside us to elevate and progress
  • They show us that the more things we do to raise our vibration in our life, the more possibilities are out there for us
  • We can gain access to information outside of our existance at any given moment
  • It helps us understand that we don’t actually have to suffer in our life – instead, we can be happy, abundant and peaceful
  • That the universe that we live in and the many others that exist around us – have created an existance for us far outside the realms of what most can fathom – how cool is that!
  • That we are far, far, far more powerful than our society leads us to believe – once you understand that, you will awaken from the depth of the conditioning we have lived in so far and move towards something far more beautiful
  • It is utterly liberating and soul elevating to recognise the source of divinity that resides within you – in fact, you are divinity, you are Source
  • That even though the lower dimmensions have limiting factors, there are benefits to them and we at times need to enter into them to learn lessons, heal or elevate.

The Age of Aquarius

Have you heard about The Age of Aquarius? It is a time for awakening, for individual freedom and liberation – moving away from the reliance on external sources, from religion, from leadership. A time where there is further progression in technology. A time where community becomes more important than individuality. Rather than looking for the people/things/systems out there that have guided us before, we are now looking for the empowerment to rise for ourselves. It follows the Age of Pisces where Astro Butterfly refers to its purpose as ‘understanding that separation is just an illusion and that we can become ‘whole again’ when we reconcile the Ego and the Soul, or the YIN and YANG parts of our psyche. This process of reconciliation is not easy, but it’s only when we find our inner unity, that we will be able to step into the Age of Aquarius with awareness.’ 

For a long time before December 2020, people have been suggesting that we were either in it already, we were just about to go in it or it wasn’t going to be for centuries! Perfect – super confusing! However, what we can learn is that in December 2020 the Jupiter and Saturn conjunct on the Winter Solstice moved into the sign of Aqauarius which hadn’t been seen for centuries before. So for many, despite the confusing messages about when it actually got/gets here, people believe that in December 2020 we entered into The New Age of Aquarius.

Why is this New Age important to 5D?

We entered into this New Age off the back of 2020… a year that caused us so much stress, anxiety, friction, pain. Now, we are heralding in a new age, one of community, of putting in place systems that serve US, the collective. We are calling in power for ourselves, working out ways for our Self to thrive, we are ceasing to look at the leaders around us as we call ‘bullshit’ on what they are advising and we are seeking solutions for ourselves.

It’s a time where we need to ELEVATE ourselves out of the mundane existance that is put upon us. It is the time that we can shout ‘Hey, no more, this is what i want for me’. It’s the time where we can CHOOSE to be involved in the collective brainwashing of those who previously held control over us, or we can find our own power. It is the TIME to be 5D, it is the TIME for a collective uprising of empowerment, it really, truly is NOW.

How can you embody 5D energy to raise your vibration?

  1. Set your boundaries – this is important. As you forge ahead on your path you will see around you people who are not there yet. But step into your authenticity, what feels right for you and elevate yourself. But, get your boundaries in place – you do not need to be or have to be swayed by other’s impressions, thoughts or opinions. This is your life, do you.
  2. Cleanse and release- aquarius resonates with emotions. You will be a ton more emotional at the moment than usual, so let the waters flow and cleanse you of what no longer serves you. Let go of the attachments of last year, of your life till now and if you feel called, use that release to propel you forward to something new
  3. Get rid of the love and light mentality – i have written about bypassing before. This is not the time! No, you don’t want to be stuck in low vibration healing and digging and uncovering, but you do need to WITNESS, ACKNOWLEDGE, UNDERSTAND and RELEASE those things that trigger you and upset you… they need to go, they are low vibration – and you want to be vibing high
  4. Focus – get focused on what you want to achieve in this new age. What are you ready to step into? Are you ready to step into your true authenticity without feel and worry? Yes? YES???!!!
  5. You DON’T need to suffer – this is one of those things that i can never wrap my head around, the belief that life is suffering and you just need to get unattached from your life to exist in your most peaceful state. No… this doesn’t resonate with me at all. Life is not about suffering. Will you meet challenges, will you meet sadness, will you meet trauma, will you meet lessons? Uh yes…. do you have to suffer at the hands of it? Absolutely not…. 5D consciousness is breaking those limiting, harmful narratives and it instead brings freedom…
  6. Daily practices of joy – journalling, affirmations, energy releases, meditation, you-time, masterbation, creative pursuits – art, drawing, singing, dancing, writing…. get into a pattern of witnessing the things that make you happy, make you feel and notice the beauty around you. This is 5D consciousness….

How can i help you?

There is a lot to take in here. I know… but there are some ways that i can help you integrate this amazing energy.

  1. Quick fire coaching/energetics – if you want to focus on a specific topic then you could try my covid coaching packages – that offer you a 1 hour coaching slot of 1/2 hour energy slot on a topic of your choosing
  2. In-depth coaching – choose from either authenticity coaching or purpose coaching to really truly integrate this liberating, empowering energy
  3. Energetics – offering reiki or celestial practices via distance or in-person if you are comfortable
  4. Get in touch – if you want to talk through any of these points

Love, Jenni x

3 responses to “What the F is the 5th Dimmension and why is everyone going on about it?”

  1. This really hits home. I have been intrigued by this and have been having someone tell me I need to recognize my existence.


    1. Understanding your power is the most important thing we can ever do for ourselves! X


  2. Steven Spence avatar
    Steven Spence

    F= FAITH


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