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And here is a little about me…

It’s really such a pleasure to welcome you here to this sacred space. I started Dio/sa Alchemy in 2019 when i was living in Spain (hence the Diosa, it means Goddess in Spanish) and it was the first true expression of all that i am and have been growing into for the last 33 years!

I have been blessed with an inuitive soul since i was very young. At the time it was entirely out of all realms of what i was led to understand about the universe in which we live and that made me feel very anxious. But, as i have grown older and wiser and really stepped into all that i am i realise that all of the lessons and experiences that i had then, and continue to have now led to the foundation of Diosa Alchemy and the help that i will provide you to.

I have a long career in marketing and career coaching, working within many different people and industries. But in the last 7 years i’ve lent towards a more spiritual and magickal experience and learning that compliments and sometimes completely rejects all that i knew before!

My upbringing, much as yours will have shaped much of what you know about yourself. But what i found myself asking about 7 years ago was, is this really who i am, am i living a life that speaks to the heart of all that i know and all that i want for myself? The answer was, in short, no!

That deep calling from somewhere that may be undiscovered for you, yet seemingly highlighted in many of your actions, thoughts and beliefs is what i want to help you discover for yourself.

I am qualified and continue to get qualified in many areas of both Western and Eastern theories, philosophies and practices – from CBT and NLP, life, authenticity and purpose (career) coaching, to practices such as spiritual leadership, advanced shadow work, reiki, celestial energies, yoga, meditation and intuitive card readings and vision work, I am also currently completing a psychology degree. It is a mash up of all that i have learnt over the last 12 years and it is a passion of mine to blend all of these practices into the work that we would do together. You read more about my qualifications below.

It is often daunting thinking outside of what you have always done. That fear, worry and doubt can lead us to remain in a state of doing absolutely nothing, with a longing for something different. But, what we will do together is help you understand that these steps you wish to take are already the result of beliefs, thoughts, skills and values that you already hold within you.

So, if you are ready to take the plunge into a radically different, supported, loving and fearless life, please do get in touch – the easiest way is to book a 20 minute consultation

Many, many blessings

Jenni x


Energetic magick

  • Reiki I, Reiki II
  • Reiki practitioner member
  • Celestial Level 1, Level 2, Level 3

Fully insured reiki practitioner


I am currently undertaking a psychology degree, which will be completed in 2024


New Earth Legacy, Leadership training with Sacred Breath Academy


I am currently completing an International Coaching Federation qualification through The Clique Academy

I worked as a Careers adviser both independantly and within industry for over 10 years

I have worked as a Life and Purpose Coach now since 2019


I am self-taught, i have been practicising a daily meditation practice for 7 years


I am a qualified Marketer with the Chartered Institute of Marketing and have completed a Certificate and Diploma in Marketing with them

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