Projecting – a destructive defence mechanism

This weekend I managed to ruin breakfast. I won’t go into all the details, but let’s just say this – tears were shed, voices were raised, and a lot of things said in the heat of the moment. It’s been a long time coming, things have been unresolved, between us and with me and I…


What the F is the 5th Dimmension and why is everyone going on about it?

If you follow anyone whose passion is spirituality, you will probably have seen them talking about 5D energy. If you're wondering what the F 5D energy is then have a read below. In this blog i will tell you: - what a dimmension is - why 5D is so important right now - how the change has happened - how to utilise 5D in your life So don't panic... there will be no more FOMO after you have read this blog.


Ovarian practice – how to harness your fire and get creative!

Did you know how powerful your ovaries are? Your womb space in general actually?? Womb space practice The womb space for womxn is a sacred space that holds the divinity of the Universe in our bodies. No matter what your womb looks like, whether physical or not - you can honour this space within your…


A week of retrogrades – a tarot explanation

This week brings about 4 different retrogrades. It’s a time for us to slow down, to assess different aspects of ourselves and to find answers to some of the questions we may have been searching for. This week, I am going to deep dive into these retrogrades using tarot. I’ll give you a brief overview…


It’s time to call yourself out on your bypassing

Don’t bypass the good stuff! Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. We’re deep into talking to someone about the difficult time we’re having, the shitty situation we’ve got ourselves into, the new heart break that has beset our lives and we get ‘ah well, life’s just a lesson isn’t it’, ‘never mind sweetheart, at least…


Goddess Flora and Beltane

Many blessings to you and yours on the celebration of Beltane! What is Beltane? Beltane starts on the eve of the 30 April and is the celebration of the change of season from Spring to Summer (about mid-way between the Spring and Summer equinox). Beltane honours Life; where the energy of the universe causes Mother…


Masturbation and manifesting

On an energetic level, the flow of energy in your body speeds up when you masturbate. The body, meridians and chakras all open up to receive an unrestricted flow of energy. Alignment occurs between the vibration of the physical and non-physical perspective. Therefore you will experience an alignment and integration of the physical and non-physical elements of mind, body and spirit. During orgasm, the awareness of the identity or ego evaporates as your body is consumed with the physical, mental and spiritual bliss of pleasure; it allows you to reach a higher state of consciousness and enlightenment - this is the key for manifesting your heart and soul's desire.

Goddess Proserpine and harnessing the Divine Feminine through Pluto Retrograde

Retrogrades are not people’s favourite seasons in the year. Life seems to feel more difficult; conversations seem more fraught and life seems to slow down to an almost overwhelming trudge.  What are retrogrades?  A planet in retrograde means that it’s rotation changes around the earth, which gives the illusion that it is moving backward in…

Why asking “how are you?” has become a problem

In last few days I’ve asked the question “how are you?” to two people I care about immensely, who’ve been frankly horrified I’ve had the audacity to ask. Just to clarify I didn’t just say it to just two people but if anyone else was offended they kept it covered under their stiff upper, very…