Work with me

There is a reason you are here at this moment. The time has come when you can no longer ignore the whisper of your true life’s calling within. The energy in your stomach is making you restless, you feel a calling to the person you have always been destined to be. You are ready to get off the karmic wheel, the relentless cycle of repeating the same old patterns and behaviours that have caused you to feel tired, rejected, doubting, insecure and passionless; you feel ready to embark on your awakening into your divine human self, your soul, true, authentic Self.

I like to think of the work that we do together as a whole lot of practical work sprinkled with divine magick! In all the work I do in Diosa Coaching, I mix together both western and eastern philiosphies, theories, practices and magick. I am qualified in tools such as Cognative Behavioural Therapy, Neurolingistic Therapy, Shadow Work, Tarot and Oracle cards, Celestial and Reiki energetics, Life Coaching, Career Coaching and I am working towards becoming an Akashic Records practitioner and qualified psychologist! But, the real power of the work that we do together comes from listening, really listening to the intuative nature of Self.

I am a Authenticity and Purpose coach, which means that when we work together, I help you understand your true nature, your true soul path in relation to who you are, what you want to be doing in your life (work, career, etc) and how to navigate from a life of fear, worries and self-limiting beliefs into a life of wonder, creation, positivity and happiness – why not huh?!

Coaching is a beautiful tool because it has you at the heart of it, I am merely the facilitator of a sacred space of undoing and relearning. No matter how you identify, no matter your background, race or belief system, we can work together to create a reawakening of your Self into all parts of your life.

Who do i work with?

Anyone and everyone! No matter your age, race, location, gender, religion we can work together. As i mentioned above, the work is focused on you so the work that we do will be your experience, your journey and your healing and growth – i will merely facilitate that.

If you’d like to have a 20 minute chat on how we could work together, then book an appointment here – no obligtion, no mad sales pitch, just a chat to find out more!

So how could we work together?

The formula works in 4 magick steps

  1. Understand – all that makes you You. Your skills, values and belief structures are what have created us up until this point. But it usually these things (gained during our childhood ages) that are what make us feel small and undeserving of the life that is truly meant for us
  2. Envisage – the life you truly want for yourself. No dream is too big, no hurdle is too high, because it is your life, your skills, your journey
  3. Unblock – digging deep into our shadows, our inner-critic, our self-limiting beliefs to see where we need to unblock in order to be free
  4. Elevate– using the power of universal energy we can reprogramme ourselves, our bodies, minds and spirits to elevate you outside of your worries, fears and doubts to live a life you have always dreamed.

What I offer…

There are 4 ways of working with me – all of which will give you the same formula above, but with a different focus. You can find out more by clicking on each image or book a 20 minute no obligation consultation.

‘My sesions with Jenni have been an absolute pleasure. Her comforting presence and compassion reassured and comforted me through a very difficult time. Using a combination of tarot and reiki, I was given guidance and the strength to confront and deal with my issues. I am forever grateful to her and would highly recommend her to anyone. Thank you Jenni – you’re the best’

—Kevin, London