Energetic magick

I am an eclectic energetic worker, qualified as a Level 2 Reiki Practitioner through the London Reiki Academy and a Level 2 Celestial Practitioner with an independent school in Spain. I am an inutitive healer and clairvoyant. It is a skill that is constantly being honed through many tools and practices – tarot and oracle cards, meditation, self-practiced astral projection and journeying to the Akashic Records.

I came into my journey working with energy 5 years ago. Energy work and spiritual transmissions can help you in so many ways, which is why i offer it not only as an indepedent service, but intertwined with my coaching packages.

Why come to me for energy work?
  • You are finding it hard to relax and need some soul deep relaxation
  • You need direction in an area of your life
  • You would like healing for a particular sickness/pain/injury/wound (mental, spiritual, physical or emotional)
  • You would like to develop your consciousness to activate and awaken your constant state of being
  • You wish to live free of your worries and doubts and instead find an awakening of love within

I tend to work with both energies with clients because there is always something to unblock, release, heal and then ascend above. It’s important for me as a practitioner to not keep you in a wheel of non-stop healing, i don’t believe we ever stop, so it can feel heavy and relentless. But, it is important! However, the celestial energy is the energy that activates us above the healing, to joy and love. Where we can see our shadows, our traumas, our limitations and then we can actively work to rise above them.

What do you offer?

I offer 45 and 60 minute sessions. They can be done in person or via skype.

We will start with a 15 minute consultation followed by some breathwork then it is purely you lying down with me sending you a lot of energetic vibrations.

How does it work with COVID?

Reiki is the perfect system of self-care, healing and restoration in our current world climate. If you are feeling uncertain, unsettled, unwell, tired as you recover, lost and lonely – reiki can really help anchor you in the present.

All sessions can be done online in the comfort of your own home. We will create a sacred space together after the consultation, where you will be treated in just the same way as if it was online. If you would like a face-to-face session this can be arranged too.

Get in touch if you would like to ask me any questions!

What can you expect?

I work with two different vibrations of energy 1) Reiki 2) Celestial

Most people every day live and exist in 3rd Dimmension energy. The idea of energetic work is that we look to help people raise their vibration so that they don’t get ‘stuck’ in the day to day, they start to live free from the restraints of the energy that they have been born into. You can read more about this here.

Reiki: This is 4th dimension vibration. This is special for healing, opening chakras, finding blockages in your life and giving you intense relaxation. During the session you may fall asleep, you may see colours, visions, tingling, flinches in your arms and legs – whatever your body needs in order for energy blocks to be released.

After the session you will start to notice your body feeling more energetically centered, perhaps situations in your life will shift, you may find yourself feeling low or frustrated, you may find yourself feeling happy and overwhelmed! Reiki will shift your energetic make up so that you are in alignment with your true, authentic self.

Celestial: At the 5th dimmension vibration, i deliver a burst of universal light and love to you. This is where i work with Celestial energy. This is an intense system, delivered to help you awaken your conciousness to your life’s purpose, happiness and love. During the session, again you may fall asleep, see colours, visions, tingling, flinches etc. But afterwards you will feel an intense happiness and lack of worry as you transcend the material and healing worlds, to experience universal love.

The two work really well together too, so depending on what we discuss on your consultation, it may be that we can work with both vibrations in one session!

What investment do i need to make?

Energetic Magick – 45 mins

(+ 15 minute consultation)


Energetic Magick – 60 mins

(+15 minute consultation)


What other services do you offer?